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Indonesian state railways

This site has been designed to display my photographs of the railway scene taken during four visits to Indonesia in 1976, 1977, 1985 and 1987. At the time of the first two visits I had no idea of where to go or what to expect, indeed the first visit was a family holiday to Yogyakarta with a side trip planned for Madiun. The only information I had was from a neighbour in Singapore who visited Indonesia on business trips and reported seeing steam hauled coal trains, possibly in Yogyakarta, and a guide book which mentioned "ancient trains" at Madiun and Tjibatu.
All the photographs from this visit are now available for viewing. The first page covers Yogyakarta and the surrounding area, the second covers Madiun and Surakarta and the third covers Ambarawa and the north coast line between Semerang and Jakarta. I have recently developed a system for digitising single frames of 8mm cine film (each frame is about 6mm x 4mm) into 600 x 400 pixel images and some of these appear in the second and third pages. Currently it is a very slow process but if I can improve it I will be able to add more pictures later. The pictures of B5220 show what is possible. The 1977 visit, also now available,  is split into two pages, one for the Jakarta area and one for the Cirebon area. The 1985 pages were completed in summer 2001 and cover West Sumatra, South Sumatra and Java. The 1987 pages became available at the end of October 2001 in a new format which should load a bit faster. The other pages may be transferred to this format later. Please visit my site for the Malayan Railway, which has over 700 photographs available.

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I am now planning an update which will change the layout to do away with thumbnails and display pictures directly on a scrolling page. I will also be adding history pages for each owner/operator in which I hope to include maps of the system, details of the motive power used and photographs where possible. Following is a list of all these. The first pages are already available.





Home    Locations of Indonesian steam locomotives seen with dates.

List of all locomotives seen with locations and dates.

Details of early Indonesian Trams.

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