Staatstramwegen Celebes

The first tramway line was opened between Ujung Pandang and Takalar in July 1922, having a total length of 47 kms. The line was operated by Staatsspoorwegen (Java).

The only known locomotive to date was an 0-4-0ST, Baldwin 54241/1921 (January). It had 20" diameter driving wheels and 6" x 10" cylinders, water capacity 150 gallons, boiler pressure 160 psi and tractive effort 2448 lbs. Further information from here.

Several extensions and branches were planned in 1925 including the towns of Tanete, Singkang and Parepare, and also some shorter lines from Manado, but none of these came to fruition. The Great Depression of 1929 made operation of the line unprofitable and it closed in 1930.

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