Java Spoorweg Maatschappij


The Java Railway Company (JSM) built this 25km line from Tegal to Balapoelang between 1885 & 1886. The Company operated at a loss and in 1895 they were taken over by the Semerang - Cheribon Railway (SCS) with the locomotives keeping the same numbers. The extension of this line to Prupuk was probably carried out by the SCS after they took it over.

KITLV map showing route of the railway.

Locomotive data

Manufacturer Works # Year Type Cylinders D.W. Dia Owner Number



Hohenzollern 347 10-1884 0-4-0Tr     JSM 1 HERTOG VAN SUTHERLAND Later SCS 1, finally SJS 91
Hohenzollern 348 10-1884 0-4-0Tr     JSM 2   Later SCS 2, finally SJS 92
Hohenzollern 349 10-1884 0-4-0Tr     JSM 3   Later SCS 3, finally SJS 93
Hohenzollern 350 10-1884 0-4-0Tr     JSM 4 JAMES BRAND Later SCS 4, finally SJS 94


This is probably a Beyer Peacock or Werkspoor tram of 1900 design, later known as the PJKA B20 class. It is likely that some of these ran on the JSM line, either supplementing or replacing the original locomotives. The picture it is cropped from states Tegal station c1910.

The picture below shows a JSM locomotive near Tegal. This suggests it was taken before 1895. It also suggests that the locomotive is actually an 0-4-0SkT rather than a straight 0-4-0T or an 0-4-0Tr.

This is a copy of a Hohenzollern catalogue.


This 1913-16 map of Balapoelang appears to show the railway continuing past the settlement and off the map. Perhaps there are some sidings adjacent to the many decauville lines presumably belonging to the sugar plantations for transfer of produce.

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Thanks to Peter Ziegenfuss for supplying updated locomotive information (names).