Java, 1985.

The train from Prabumulih arrived at Tanjung Karang long after dark and I had to change trains for Panjang and the ferry to Merak in Java, where we arrived just after dawn the next morning. From there I got a train to Tanah Abang station in Jakarta. We passed the shed at Rankasbitung fairly slowly and I managed to identify several steam locos but I was on the wrong side of a crowded coach and only managed to photograph an overcrowded train going the other way. Tanah Abang shed was full of diesels and TD1002 was still plinthed outside. After a days rest I took a train to Karawang and then visited Purwakarta, Bandung (night stop), Cibatu, Tasikmalaya, Banjar (night stop), Kroya, Purwakarta and Tegal. I thought of going to Cepu on an overnight train before returning to Jakarta but decided there was insufficient time. At Cibatu all the locomotives were unserviceable due to the ash from an erupting volcano nearby having contaminated the water supplies. Several were being worked on but all were in poor condition. I saw no active steam anywhere but as my train from Banjar approached Kroya I saw a D52 and a diesel on a freight train waiting at a signal on the line from Purwokerto. This followed my train into the station and although D52086 was in immaculate condition it showed no sign of being in steam - before I could take a closer look the train departed for Kutoardjo and Yogyakarta. At several places locomotives were marked "musium TMII". Many of the D52 locomotives were unidentifiable as the numberplates and works plates had been removed. Although there were still a few locomotives active on the main lines in Java I had not seen them. I would have one more look in a couple of years time, visiting depots I had previously missed.

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Above: a 'freight' train at Rankasbetung is almost hidden by free-riders. The presence of a 'guard' says it all! Steam locomotives visible in the depot opposite were C1125, B5138, C2710, C2717, another C27 and one unidentified while diesels were BB30312*, BB30311, BB30345 & BB30342. *from my notes, usually indicates hauled my train.

Below: TD1002 ng 0-8-0T on display outside Tanah Abang depot in Jakarta. No other steam locomotives were seen there. but my notes show these diesels: C30019, C30007, BB30313, C30010, C30009, BB30425, BB30611, BB30610, C30006, C30015, C30002, C30008 & BB30314.

Above & below: Tanah Abang shed, my notes show these diesels: C30019, C30007, BB30313, C30010, C30009, BB30425, BB30611, BB30610, C30006, C30015, C30002, C30008 & BB30314.

Above: BB30608 at Jakarta Kota, seen from the train to Karawang. Also seen there and on the journey were: CC20169, CC20145, BB30616, BB20323, BB20161, BB20123, BB30414 and the followig DMU's: MCW 301013, 301020, 302021, 302075, 302100 & 302089.


Above: There are 2 sheds side by side at Krawang, one for 600mm gauge and the other for 3' 6" gauge. TD1001 had been set aside for preservation but has since disappeared.

Below: TC1004 is inside the shed.

Above & below: CC20152 passes Karawang with an eastbound freight.

Above: Another view of TC1004, still looking in reasonable condition from this angle.

Below: C1119 and C2801 stand outside on the 3' 6" gauge line where they have been left for at least 10 years.

Above: CC20145 passes the old sheds at Karawang with an eastbound passenger train.

Below: The 2 gauges at Karawang, TD101 on the left and C1119 on the right. When I first passed this shed on a train in 1976 there were a lot more steam locomotives here, including D14s, but a year later they had all gone.

Above: D1412 is at Purwokerto, between Karawang and Bandung, and where the mountain section begins.

Below: It is not possible to photograph anything in Indonesia without youngsters wanting to be in it, in this case there are 2 D52's also. Locomotives seen here were steam: D52012 (T59), CC5026, D52066, D52098 (T27), D52060 (C5319), D52051 (T8), D52099 (T82), D1412 & D1410. There was also a tender from D52097, as most tenders also carried the locomotive number and a lot had been swapped without changing the numbers I have added the details in brackets after each locomotive, eg T8 after a D52 indicates the tender from D52008. Where it is from a different class I have quoted the full number.

Above: D1410

Below: D1412

Above: Bandung in the evening.

Below: Same place, next morning, D30027 is station pilot while CC20172 waits with an express.

Above and below: Cibatu at last and a shed full of Mallets. Due to be replaced by diesels but the end came prematurely when the nearby volcano erupted and the water supplies became contaminated by ash which has started clogging up all the tubes. Some are still being worked on but unlikely to be repaired before the new diesels arrive. For now the only train running on this line is the daily express which has already gone so its back to the buses for me.

Above: CC5030 on the left, CC5001 in the middle, and CC3003 almost hidden behind CC2024 on the right.

Below: 3 pictures showing the clever use of spare parts in the sheds garden area.

Above: CC5003 with CC5030 beyond.

Below: CC5030 is minus a tender and a lot more parts.


Above: CC5030 and CC5024.

Below: The shed staff pose in front of CC5024 which some of them have been working on.

Above: CC5019 was outside the back of the shed.

Below: All that remains of what appears to have been a CC10 judging from the cylinder blocks.

Above: Local schoolchildren pose in front of CC5019.

Below: A derelict CC1007 stands amongst the remains of other Mallets.

Above: C1127 appears to be in the process of being dismantled.

Below: C1116 is still intact but may well be in its final resting place.

Above: C1116 with CC5001 beyond it

Below: CC1032. Take one with the kids in it, then they will happily move out of the way. Wonder how many will see these and recognise themselves.

Above: View of the shed from the back.

Below: CC5024 and another 'portret'.

Above: CC5030 & CC5001.

Below: CC5030.

Above & below: Derelict and part-dismantled CC5009

Above: CC5030.

Below: Back of the shed from the main line, then a final look from the front before leaving to catch a bus to Tasimalaya.

Above & below: The shed at Tasikmalaya was almost as bad as the contents. This was a sub-shed of Bandjar and home to the smaller 0-4-4-2T Mallets. Only BB1014 and BB1009 were intact while there is evidence that at least 3 locomotives have been cut up here including a large one. I have yet to find a listing of what was stored here.

The scene at Bandjar was promising at first with C1139 and D52080 both stored and marked for Taman Mini museum.

As I walked through the shed towards the fron the scene became all too familiar. The remaining D52s were very derelict and almost unidentifiable, almost all plates having been removed. The one below might be D52050

Above: These remains in front of the old coach are marked 2487/12K and may be BB1004.

Below: D30010 with the local passenger train ar Bandjar on 8th August 1985. I took this or a similar train from the same place before dawn the following morning to go to Kroya.

Above & below: I wonder what has become of these, neither have appeared at Taman Mini to my knowledge and they have not been reported recently. Perhaps they ended up being stolen by scrap thieves, as was the fate of many others.

Just after I left my train at Kroya BB30016 arrived from Purwokerto with D52086 and a freight train in tow. D52086 appeared to be in very good condition but with no evidence that it was in steam. It is another locomotive which has since disappeared without trace.

Above: Former NIS locomotives 4-6-0 C5107 and 0-4-2SkT B2209 stand in the yard at Kroya.

Below: B2209 was lucky as 30 years on it is on display at Taman Mini Railway Museum in Jakarta

Above: C5107 should also have gone to Taman Mini but....

Below: D52001, being the first member of the class, should also have been preserved but instead it disappeared.

Above: A final view of the 3 steam locomotives in the yard at Kroya on 9th August 1985.

Below: A short time later I was at Purwokerto where C5401 was rusting away in the yard.


Above: 0-4-0 tender locomotivesB5226 and B5223 abandoned at Purwokerto. Members of this class worked almost to the end of steam on branch services and 2 have survived into preservation.

Below: 2-6-2T C2410 is another former NIS locomotive.

Above: 2-8-2s D52022, D52003, D52008 and D52019 dumped at Purwokerto.

Below: A last look at C2408 and C2410 at Purwokerto.

Above & below: 0-6-0T C1411 has found a permanent home as a clock tower outside the PJKA headquarters in Purwokerto town centre.

Above: A railway bridge near Prupuk, between Purwokerto and Tegal. This would have been an ideal place to photograph the local trains.

Below: 4-4-0 B5139, 0-4-0 B5214 and 0-8-0T D5203 outside the shed at Tegal on 9th August 1985.

Above: 0-4-0 B5214.

Below: 0-8-0T D1503.

Above & below: D1502, B5203 & D1505 inside Tegal shed.

Above: B5139 shows its compound cylinder to good effect.

Below: B2202 in excellent condition and in green livery looks ready for display but like many others has disappeared.

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