Madiun and Surakarta, October 1976.
During our journey from Yogyakarta to Madiun we saw several old steam locomotives at both Surakarta and Madiun. After getting settled into our hotel room I returned to the station in the evening and the first person I met was the shed master. He told me that visits and photography were not permitted in the works area or the depot without a permit from Surabaya but we could visit the Chief of Police and ask him. This we did and I got permission to take photographs from outside. I did this the following morning before we caught the train back to Surakarta, where there were no restrictions on shed visits or photography. In addition to the D52's several B50 2-4-0's and some tank locomotives were active around the station and more could be seen in the distance within the works compound. At Surakarta (SoloBalapan) there were several stored locomotives and also some active
4-6-4T's and a 2-6-6-0 mallet was being prepared for work following a servicing on the day we left. It was while we were here that we were told about a railway museum at Ambarawa.
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The first set of pictures were taken at Madiun. They are not all in sequence as some are copied from slides and others from video. Any dates on the pictures will be the dates of copying and not the date of the original pictures which were all taken on 28th and 29th October 1976. What appeared to be a B21 or C21 was shunting in the distance and B2301 could be seen at the back of the shed. The other occupants could not be identified.

Above: B50, B53, D52 & CC50 visible.

Below: 2-4-0 B5006 has just come on shed after shunting at Madiun on 28th October 1976.

Above: B5006 again, possibly discussing the next move.

Below: B5006 moves away towards the level crossing on its next task.

Above: A few minutes later B5006 runs back and continues on to the east yard.

Below: 4-4-0 B5301 is standing outside Madiun shed on 28th October 1976.

Above: 2-8-2 D52026 at Madiun with smoke deflectors missing and coupled to a C53 tender.

Below: 4-4-0 B5310 and 4-6-2 C5305 face each other with a D52 beyond and CC5015 on the right.



Above: Close-up views of C5305 and B5310. Where dates appear they are dates of making the copy from my originals but not cropped out.

Below: A tenderless B5001 faces the tender from B5014 at Madiun. These pictures were taken from the entrance to the works.



Above: 2-6-0T C1113 comes across the main road and then stops, causing a small traffic jam.

Below: C1113 propels its load past the shed back into the yard. The tops of several locomotives could be seen in the back of the shed but only B2301 was identifiable.



Back in the station waiting for a train to Surakarta I took more photos and mostly cine film, but these did not turn out well. Several locomotives were in the distance including what looks like it might be a B21. I have both 2103 and 2104 mentioned in my notes but both without a letter. The first loco below is D52070 with a freight bound for Surakarta. The lone diesel is BB30145


This picture of B5006 from our departing train finishes the pictures from Madiun.

The next set of pictures were taken in Surakarta (Solo) mostly at Solo Balapan shed where there were a large number of locomotives both stored and active.

Above: Green-liveried 4-6-4T C2819 stored under cover at Solo Balapan on 29th October 1976.

Below: Another view of C2819.


Above: 2-8-2 D5108 in covered store at Solo Balapan.

Below: 0-4-2SkT B2211 under cover at Solo Balapan.


Above: 2-8-2 D52021 has just arrived at Solo Balapan

Below: 0-4-2SkT B2210 at Solo Balapan.


Above: 4-6-4T C2837 at Solo Balapan.

Below: This makers plate on the dome of B2210 actually belongs to B2214.


Above: C2837 still has its correct plate.

Below: 0-6-2SkT C2010 stored under cover at Solo Balapan.



Above: C2010 also still has its correct plate 3504/1911.

Below: 4-6-4T C2808 stored at Solo Balapan on 29th October 1976.



Above: Mallet 2-6-6-0 CC5007 has been receiving attention in the shed at Solo Balapan on 29th October 1976.

Below: 4-6-4T C2839 had no smoke deflectors when it was stored behind B2210.



Above & below: CC5007 had been undergoing repairs in the shed but on 30th October it was dragged out by D52096 and moved up and down the yard to check all the motions and then prepared for use.


Having spent some time photographing and filming CC5007 a huge thunderstorm was approaching so I returned to the hotel. When I returned later in the day there was no sign of it and I was told it had already left for Ambarawa.


The last 5 are single frames from a cine film and include 3 of D52096 on a fast freight.

Two more C28's came in while I was there. I visited Kota station but it appeared deserted and at that time I was unaware that there was another shed at Purwosari, about a mile away, which apparently contained several more active locomotives.

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