Batavia Electrische Tram Maatschappij

Formed in 1899 to run an electric tram service in Batavia on a different route to the steam trams until the two companies were amalgamated to form the NVBVM on 31st July 1930.


Manufacturer Year Type Quantity BETM number Capacity Notes
          Seats Standing  
Dyle de Bacalan 1899 Electric motor trolley type C 22 1-22 40 16 Became BVM C451-C472
Dyle de Bacalan 1899 Trailer type AB 22 51-72 36 12  
Beynes 1912 Electric motor trolley type C 5 23-27 40 16 Became BVM BC352, BC353, C473-C475
Beynes 1912 Trailer type AB 5 73-77 36 12  
Beynes 1914-1915 Electric motor trolley type ABC 5 101-105 15 35 Became BVM BC351, BC354-BC357


A BETM tram at Tanah Abang SS station c1900. The Saddle Tank in the background is almost certainly a former Atjeh Military Railway Fox Walker 0-6-0ST, both of which were sold to the SS in 1884.

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