Class T

A series of 5 0-6-2T locomotives built by Bagnall for dock shunting.

  Lightweight shunters built for use on the wharves at Port Swettenham and Singapore, which were limited to 8 tons axle loading. 321.02 was withdrawn and scrapped in 1948. The remainder were withdrawn in the mid-1960s, 2 being scrapped immediately. 321.04 was painted green and survived as works shunter at Sentul for a few more years. 321.01 was sold to Pan-Malayan Cement and also painted green but was returned to KTM and cosmetically restored to MR black livery in 1972, being photographed in KL yard in that year. By 1973 it had been placed on display in front of Pacific 531.01 outside the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. It is now (2006) adjacent to the car park at the rear of the National Museum with 531.01 and EE diesel 22102.

Above: The five T class locomotives for FMSR. Note that the cab roofs have been removed to allow the locomotives to be transported by rail to the docks. Picture sourced from the LOCOMOTIVE, February 15th, 1928.

Above: A works photograph of FMSR 26.  Photograph reproduced with permission from the Stephenson Locomotive Society, it is thought to be from the H M le Fleming collection.

Below: 321.04 at an unspecified location, source unknown.

The photograph below was taken in February 2005 at the Muzium Negara in Kuala Lumpur where this locomotive has resided since 1973.


Maker Number Date Original Railway / No FMSR No. Notes
Bagnall 2323 Jan 1928 F.M.S.R. 26 13 321.01 in 1946, sold 1965, preserved at NM 1973.
Bagnall 2324 Jan 1928 F.M.S.R. 27 14 321.02 in 1946, withdrawn and scrapped 1948.
Bagnall 2325 Jan 1928 F.M.S.R. 28 15 321.03 in 1946, withdrawn and scrapped 1964.
Bagnall 2326 Jan 1928 F.M.S.R. 70 16 321.04 in 1946, Sentul works 1964, scrapped 1966.
Bagnall 2327 Jan 1928 F.M.S.R. 71 17 321.05 in 1946, withdrawn and scrapped 1966.


Leading particulars:
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-2T Boiler pressure: 160 lbs, 
Fire grate: 9.6 sq. feet. Heating surface: 422 sq. feet.
Fuel capacity: 1 tons 1 cwt Water capacity: 750 gallons.
Max. axle load: 8 tons. Fixed wheel-base: 9 feet 9 in.
Other particulars:


Class Numbers









26 - 28, 70, 71

13 - 17

321.01 - 321.05

13" x 20"





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