Japanese Occupation locomotives

During the Japanese occupation of Malaya from 1942 to 1945 a number of locomotives from other countries in the area were taken to Malaya, perhaps to replace those which had been taken to Thailand. Many of these were 3' 6" gauge and would have had to be converted to metre gauge. These included 15 class C30 2-6-2T and 10 class C52 4-6-0 from Sumatra, up to 17 class C58 2-6-2 from Japan and 2 class F 0-6-0, 2 class J 4-6-0, 2 class K 4-6-0 and 1 class Ks 4-6-0 from Burma. This information was extracted from the Mike Page lists - his entry for C58 is followed by "(17)" - I have taken this as a quantity but I could be wrong. Alan Elyard Brown tells me there were 12 C58s on the official list and he recorded a further 4, making 16 in all. He is trying to find details to pass on to me, along with details of the 7 Burma locos. He also saw 7 of these locomotives stored in a siding near Bukit Panjang, Singapore, in 1947, shortly before they were scrapped. Unfortunately he did not have a camera but he did record the details, he will try to find them. The C58s could be the 2-6-2 originally allocated class N, but this is only my theory. Lt/Col Lennox McEwan tells me he saw many unusual locomotives in Malaya during the war and he may have a few photographs. In the table below I have listed details known to me. For the Burmese locomotives I have listed the various manufacturers for the classes but I have no details of the actual locomotives at present. Most of these locomotives simply vanished after the war but a couple of C30s turned up in Cambodia although I do not know their original identities.

As a 2008 update I now have identities for 17 C58 class, 6 of the Burma locomotives, 18 Indonesian class C30 and 11 Indonesian class C52 from data supplied mainly by Alan Rough and Alan Pike who were with the Royal Engineers railway operating unit immediately after the British return. This data was in documents held by the Stephenson Locomotive Society library and I have to thank Patrick Smith for correlating the details. The majority of the Indonesian and Burmese locomotives were taken to Bukit Panjang and scrapped there in 1947, but the C52s were all returned to Java in 1949.

Manufacturer Works Year Number Notes
Hohenzollern 4684 1929 C301  
  4686   C303  
  4687   C304 at Bukit Panjang
  4692   C306  
  4693   C307 derelict
  4694   C308 photo exists
  4695   C309 at Bukit Panjang
  4696   C3010  
  4697   C3011 derelict
  4698   C3012 at Bukit Panjang
Borsig 13953 1930 C3013  
  13954   C3014  
  13955   C3015  
  13956   C3016 derelict in Singapore; photo exists
  13957   C3017 at Bukit Panjang
  13958   C3018 derelict in Singapore
  13959   C3019  
  13961   C3021  
  434 1918 C521 at Bukit Panjang, to Vietnam, later Cambodia as 230-001
Werkspoor 437 1918 C524 in steam at Prai, photo exists, to Java 1949
  438   C525 to Java 1949
Henschel 14851 1921 C527 at Bukit Panjang, to Java 1949
  14852   C528 derelict, to Java 1949
  14853   C529 derelict, being cannibalised, photo exists, to Java 1949
Werkspoor 511 1923 C5211 to Java 1949
  513   C5213 tender from C5214, to Java 1949
  514   C5214 at Bukit Panjang, to Java 1949
Beyer Peacock 6116   C5218 derelict at Prai, to Java 1949
  6118   C5220 derelict at Prai, to Java 1949
Kawasaki     C5814 17 locomotives recorded
  2001   C5840  
      C5852 became RSR 761
      C5854 became RSR 762
      C5855 photo exists
  2041   C5891 at Sentul under repair, later active around KL in 1946
      C58130 became RSR 763
      C58131 at KL severely damaged
      C58133 destroyed by allied bombing at Sentul
      C58136 became RSR 764
      C58145 active around KL in 1946
Neilson 5854 1901 189 Burma F class 0-6-0
Dubs 4297 1902 231 Burma F class 0-6-0
NB 16829 1905 262 Burma J class 4-6-0
NB 16832 1905 265 Burma J class 4-6-0  Photograph exists
NW 768 1906 268 Burma K class 4-6-0
NB/NW/RS       2 locomotives
NW 1336 1921 399 Burma Ks class 4-6-0

Above: Indonesian C307 at Bukit Panjang, Singapore, c1947. It was formerly SS 1707.

Below: Indonesian C524 at Bukit Panjang, Singapore, c1947. It was formerly NIS 384.

Above: 265 NBL 16832/1905 Burma Railways Class J 4-6-0 reputedly at Bukit Panjang in 1945 with what looks like an Indonesian C30 and another Burmese loco behind it, out of use and awaiting scrapping.


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