Class A2

A series of 13 0-6-0T locomotives built in 1928 by Hunslet for the Sir John Jackson contract in Singapore. 


They were delivered to the Sembawang Naval Base in 1929 and remained stored there after construction was completed. At least three of these came into FMSR possession in 1941 and were classified A, the original A class 4-4-0T locomotives having become extinct some years earlier. They were numbered in the series 124-127, previously used by various other locomotives (some of which still carried the same numbers although supposedly withdrawn!). In 1946 these three were reclassified and renumbered 331.01-03, but then sold in September that year to the Singapore Harbour Board. The photograph shows SL 26 which was probably Hunslet 1632, fate unknown.

Maker Number Date Original Owner / No FMSR No. Notes




Sir John Jackson  SL 18


became 331.02 in 1946, then sold




Sir John Jackson  SL 19


became 331.03 in 1946, then sold




Sir John Jackson  SL 20


became 331.01 in 1946, then sold


Leading particulars:
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0T OC Boiler pressure: ?
Fire grate: ? Heating surface: ?
Fuel capacity: ? Water capacity: ?
Max. axle load: ? Fixed wheel-base: ?



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