Mallet locomotives

A batch of 0-6-6-0 locomotives were built by Baldwin c1918 for Russia but the order was cancelled following a change in the Russian Government. Two were purchased by FMSR in 1920 and used on the Port Swettenham - Kuala Lumpur line for slow, heavy freights. They survived only for about 8 years. They had single axle plus 4-wheel bogie tenders.

Above and Below: Two views of Mallet FMSR 1.  Photographs reproduced with permission from the Stephenson Locomotive Society, they are thought to be from the H M le Fleming collection.

Maker Number Date Original Railway / No Notes
Baldwin 49483 1919 F.M.S.R. 1 Withdrawn by 1930, scrapped 1932.
Baldwin 50676 1919 F.M.S.R. 2 Withdrawn by 1930, scrapped 1932.
Leading particulars:
Introduced: c 1922

Wheel arrangement:

Articulated wheel-base: 24 feet.

Loco weight:

49 tons  2 cwt
 Tender weight: 22 tons  15 cwt
Overall length: 54' 9"
Max. axle load: 7 tons  11 cwt
Cylinders (4): 19" x 23" (L), 13" x 23" (H)

Boiler pressure:

180 lbs
Heating surface: 1,308 sq. feet.
Fire grate: 19.8 sq. feet.
Tractive effort: 18, 250 lb
Fuel capacity: 256 cu. ft.
Water capacity: 2,122 gallons.



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