The 'Burma' classes

Between 1912 and 1914 two types of locomotive were purchased from Burma Railways. These were originally designed for the Indian State Railways, of which Burma was then part. 

'Burma E'

In 1871 Sharp Stewart were asked to build ten 0-4-0 tender locomotives and ten 0-4-2 tender locomotives for comparison trials. The 0-4-0's were classified D and delivered in 1873 while the 0-4-2's were classified E and delivered the following year. The 6½ ton axle load of the 0-4-0 was deemed too heavy, the line limit then being 6 tons, so subsequent orders were for class E which were built by Dübs, Neilson and Vulcan Foundry. They had 3' driving wheels and 11½" x 17" cylinders, and a total of 143 were built. 24 went to Burma including a batch of 20 built by Vulcan Foundry in 1876 with larger cabs and 4-wheel tenders. At least some of the Dübs locomotives had 6-wheel tenders. Five of the Vulcan Foundry engines were sold to the FMSR in 1912 with five more the following year. One of these was from a later batch built in 1877. These were then classified as 'Burma E' by the FMSR, allocated to the newly-formed Construction Department and numbered CD1 to CD10. One was sold to Malayan Collieries in 1915 and another was withdrawn in 1917, the remainder surviving until 1921 (1) and 1922 (7).

'Burma O'

No less than 305 4-4-0's with 4' 5" driving wheels and 14" x 20" cylinders were built between 1883 and 1943 by a number of builders, including Dübs, Neilson and Vulcan Foundry. Eighteen of these went to Burma, 3 from Dübs and 15 from Neilson, of which thirteen were sold to FMSR in 1913 and 1914, including one Dübs example. Of these, four went to the Construction Department as CD12 to CD15 while the remainder became FMSR 153 to 161. These latter engines worked the lightly laid branches such as the line to Port Dickson (Sungei Ujong Railway). In 1918-19 numbers 156 to 158 were loaned to the RSR (Siam) to serve on the final building phase of the Southern Railway link with the FMSR. Two of the Construction Department engines succumbed in 1919 while the other two went in 1926 and 1928. All the FMSR examples were withdrawn between 1924 and 1926.

Burma E CD4

Burma O CD15


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