Class J

 Three 0-6-2T locomotives built for the Sungei Ujong Railway in 1891.


These locomotives were rebuilt to 4-4-2T in 1902. They became FMSR class J when they were taken over in 1908. All had been withdrawn by 1924 although 99 had been sold for further use at Malayan Collieries, Batu Arang.


Dubs 2462 1891 Sungei Ujong Railway 1 FMSR 99 1908 Sold to Malayan Collieries 4/1922
Dubs 2463 1891 Sungei Ujong Railway 2 FMSR 100 1908 withdrawn 5/1919



Sungei Ujong Railway 3

FMSR 101


withdrawn 11/1924


Class K1

 A single 4-4-2 tank locomotive built for the Sungei Ujong Railway in 1899.


 This engine became K1 class when taken over by the FMSR in 1908. 





Sungei Ujong Railway 4

FMSR 102


withdrawn 8/1926



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