Class A

A series of 4-4-0Ts built by Hunslet (17) and Neilson (1).

Above: Class A 4-4-0T LADY WELD, Selangor Government Railway No 1 or 2, posed on a bridge. Source: SLS library.

Above: Selangor Government railway No 3 LADY CLEMENTI, another Class A 4-4-0T after conversion to an oil-burner. Source: SLS library.

Copy of an article from the Locomotive Magazine relating to the above two photographs, dated August 1899.

Above: FMSR 127 was built by Hunslet as Works no 828 and supplied to Singapore Railways as their no 4 in October 1903.

Below:  The same locomotive after being taken over and renumbered by FMSR as 127 in 1912. It was withdrawn in 1925. Photographs reproduced with permission from the Stephenson Locomotive Society, they are thought to be from the H M le Fleming collection.



Malacca Government Railway 2, the last of the class, went to Siam in 1924. Sourced from the Stephenson Locomotive Society library collection.

Became class A from July 1901 when the Perak and Selangor Railways were merged, although they were not physically connected until 1903. The Malacca Railway was absorbed in 1905, the Sungei Ujong Railway in 1908 and the Singapore Railway in 1912 although the latter remained isolated until the opening of the Johore Causeway in 1923. The Johore Railway opened in 1909 and was originally leased to FMSR. All were built with outside cylinders 10" x 16" and a note in le Fleming's 1936 list states "All A class 440T rebuilt to 11" x 16"." Driving wheel diameter was 3' 3" and boiler pressure was initially 120 psi, later being raised to 140 psi.

From 1912 onwards some of these locomotives were transferred to the Construction Department as newer locomotives were purchased and many survived into the 1930’s.

Below: Hunslet 379 of 1886 was supplied to the Selangor Government Railway as their number 3, becoming FMSR 8 after the 1901 merger and passed to the Construction department as CD 18 in 1915. It was withdrawn in November 1931.


Maker No Date Owner/number FMSR number and date CD number/date Disposal
Hunslet 342   6/1884 Perak Railway 2   5 July 1901. 21 Oct1919 Withdrawn   6/1932
Hunslet 377   8/1886 Selangor Railway 1   6 July 1901. 16 Dec1913 Withdrawn 10/1931
Hunslet 378   8/1886 Selangor Railway 2   7 July 1901. 10* Sep1915  Withdrawn   X/1925
Hunslet 379   8/1886 Selangor Railway 3   8 July 1901. 18 Mar1915 Withdrawn 11/1931
Hunslet 408 10/1886 Perak Railway 3   9 July 1901. 22 Oct1919 Withdrawn   8/1924
 Neilson  3888 X/1888 Selangor Railway 4 11 July 1901. 24 Jan1920 Withdrawn   X/1926
Hunslet 537  5/1891 Perak Railway 5 12 July 1901. 3* Sep1919 Withdrawn   X/1925
Hunslet 582 X/1993 Perak Railway 7 16 July 1901. 36 Jan1926 Withdrawn   9/1931
Hunslet 623 2/1895 Perak Railway 13 26 Later 4* July 1901. 23 Nov1919 Withdrawn   8/1924
Hunslet 656 7/1896 Perak Railway 16 29 July 1901. 11 1912 Withdrawn   X/1925
Hunslet 681 X/1898 Perak Railway 19 34 July 1901. 35 1924 Withdrawn   7/1933
Hunslet 682 X/1898 Perak Railway 20 35 July 1901. 20 Sep1919 Withdrawn   X/1924
Hunslet 748 5/1901 Singapore Railway 1 14* 1912.  19 Jun1915 Withdrawn   9/1931
Hunslet 749 6/1901 Singapore Railway 2 125 1912. 17 Aug1914 Withdrawn   2/1928
Hunslet 750 6/1901 Singapore Railway 3 126 1912.     Withdrawn   5/1925
Hunslet 828 10/1903 Singapore Railway 4 127 1912.     Withdrawn   X/1925
Hunslet 850   4/1904 Malacca Railway 1 70 1905.     Withdrawn   X/1924
Hunslet 851   6/1904 Malacca Railway 2 71 1905.     Sold to Siam Coal Mine 1924

 * Indicates a number previously carried by another locomotive

Class B

A further series of 7 4-4-0T locomotives built by Hunslet (5) and Hawthorn, Leslie (2).  

Above: Class B Perak 4, the first of the class.

Below: This is from the FMSR 1935 book in the article about Perak ordering the first B class locomotive below (Perak 4) however there are a number of differences to the picture above, e.g. smoke box, chimney, driving wheels, running plate, etc., which lead me to believe this could be either the Hawthorn, Leslie version of 1891, Perak 6, later FMSR 13, or even Neilson 3888 of 1888, Selangor Railways 4, FMSR 11, a class A.


Below: The next two pictures look so nearly identical that they could be retouches from the same picture. The first one is possibly Hunslet 898/1906 although the works plate is not clear even on the original picture in the KTM library although the last digit of both works number and year looks less like a 7, which rules out 897 and 1907 so the only other one would be 896 as per the second picture.

Above: Class B Singapore Government Railway 5, with partially enclosed cab.

Below: Singapore Government Railway 5 or 6 at Tank Road station between 1906 & 1912. Photograph reproduced with permission from the Stephenson Locomotive Society, it is thought to be from the H M le Fleming collection.

Above: Singapore Government Railway 5 or 6 at Tank Road station between 1906 & 1912. Original source unknown.

Above: Malayan Collieries No 3 at Batu Arang colliery. Built by Hunslet as Works no 898 in 1906 it was supplied to the Johore State Railway for construction of the line which opened in 1909 and it became their No 2. It was taken over by the FMSR in 1912 and numbered 27, being sold on to Malayan Collieries in 1925. One of this type was still at Batu Arang in 1940. Photograph reproduced with permission from the Stephenson Locomotive Society, it is thought to be from the H M le Fleming collection.

Below: Works photograph of Singapore Government Railway 7, Hawthorn Leslie 2831/1911. Reproduced courtesy of Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums.

 These became Class B and were a heavier, more powerful, version of the class A, with larger cylinders.

Maker No Date Owner/number FMSR number and date CD number/date Disposal
Hunslet 502 11/1889 Perak Railway 4 10 July 1901   Withdrawn   7/1925
Hawthorn, Leslie 2232 X/1891 Perak Railway 6 13 July 1901.     Withdrawn 10/1926
Hunslet 896   4/1906 Singapore Railway 5 128 1912. 25 * Jul 1926 Withdrawn   X/1929
Hunslet 897   X/1906 Johore Railway 1 15 * 1910.     Sold to Malayan Collieries as No 4 in 1925
Hunslet 898   X/1906 Johore Railway 2 27 * 1912.     Sold to Malayan Collieries as No 3 in 1925
Hunslet 936   5/1907 Singapore Railway 6 129 1912. 26 * Aug 1927 Withdrawn   2/1932
Hawthorn, Leslie 2831 X/1911 Singapore Railway 7 130 1912.     Sold to Malayan Collieries as No 1 in 5/1923

 * Indicates a number previously carried by another locomotive

One of the former Johore locomotives may have survived into the 1940s.

A Hunslet list shows two locomotives sold to Singapore as number 5, 896 in 1906 and 936 in 1907. Hunslet 896 has a note saying it was renumbered to Singapore 1 but Hunslet 748 was Singapore 1 until renumbered to 14 in 1912. H M le Fleming (assistant CME in the 1930's) states that 936 was Singapore Railway 6.

Some sources state that Hunslet 897 became Malayan Collieries 3 and 898 became Malayan Collieries 4, however H M le Fleming states the reverse.

In the 1930s H M le Fleming, FMSR assistant CME, supplied 2 lists to the Stephenson Locomotive Society giving details of all locomotives up to that time. The above data was compiled using these lists as all other data I have has come via third parties.

A Malayan Collieries listing held in the SLS library shows a No 7 received from FMSR sometime after 1930. It is described as a 4-4-0T with 12" x 18" cylinders and 3' 3" driving wheels so would appear to be another B class. As Hunslet 936 was withdrawn in Feb 1932 from the Construction Department it is possible that it was this one which became MC7. Further information would be appreciated. 

NOTES: 1. The Singapore Railway has been variously known also as Singapore Government Railway, Singapore – Kranji Railway, Singapore - Straits Railway and Singapore – Johore Railway, and was opened in 1903. To add to the confusion  the Singapore Tramways (1885 - 1894) has also been erroneously reported variously as the Singapore – Kranji Railway and Singapore – Woodlands Railway, but in reality it was never extended beyond the city limits. It was operated by a series of 16 Kitson-built steam tram locomotives. Upon closure the stock was sold to the Tanjong Pagar Dock company

              2.  Singapore is the name of both the group of islands south of Malaya and the city at the southern tip of the main island. The southern terminus of the railway was by Fort Canning in Singapore from 1903 to 1907and at Pasir Panjang when that line opened in 1907 while the northern terminus was at Kranji, near Woodlands. Johore is the southern-most state of Malaya and the main town, across the straits from Woodlands, is known as Johore Bahru. A railway ferry service was established between Woodlands and Johore Bahru and operated until the causeway was opened in 1923. A January 1907 extension from a newly-built Tank Road station ran past the docks complex to Pasir Panjang. At this time the old Singapore station by Fort Canning became a goods station only. In 1933 a deviation was opened from a point approximately 1 mile south of Bukit Panjang, in the centre of the island, to Tanjong Pagar, near the docks, avoiding the city. The earlier line to Tank Road was then closed and much of the formation was used for new roads.



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