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When the trains are not running.

This visit took place in January and February and included a four day trip along the East Coast line from Gemas to Tumpat using daytime mail trains with visits to the old sheds at Kuala Lipis, Gua Musang, Krai and Tumpat, with the return via overnight express. This trip was organized by the KTM Railway Fan Club. This was followed by a self-guided tour of the entire KTM commuter system as a means of visiting as much of the system as possible in a short time. A plan to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, and on to Padang Besar, had to be postponed as the line is still closed between Rawang and Ipoh for upgrading during daylight hours on most days. As a bonus the closed branch line between Sentul and Batu Caves was reopened for two days of special trains due to a religious festival and we were able to travel on one of these. Locomotives seen in use included classes 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and YDM4. Also present were classes 18 & 21 and 3 preserved steam locomotives, along with the last remains of a fourth, possibly H class pacific FMSR 92, withdrawn in 1934! A derelict Plymouth shunter was also seen.

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  1. The start at Kuala Lumpur.

  2. Night stop at Gemas.

  3. Into the Jungle.

  4. Mengkarak to Jerantut.

  5. Kuala Lipis.

  6. Early morning at Gua Musang.

  7. Rescue at Gua Musang.

  8. Gua Musang to Dabong.

  9. around Krai.

  10. around Tanah Merah.

  11. Pasir Mas.

  12. Tumpat.

  13. YDM4 6702.

  14. 24's at Tumpat.

  15. The old branch.

  16. Tumpat to Wakaf Bahru.

  17. Night in the jungle.

  18. Kuala Lumpur old station 1

  19. Kuala Lumpur old station 2

  20. Visit to Sentul

  21. More of Sentul

  22. Yet more of Sentul

  23. Trip along the Klang Valley

  24. Return from Klang Valley

  25. The National Museum

  26. Another visit to Sentul

  27. Train to Batu Caves

  28. Batu Caves visit

  29. Batu Caves to Seremban

  30. Old locos at Seremban

  31. Seremban to Kuala Lumpur

  32. Nilai to Kuala Lumpur

  33. Another visit to Sentul

  34. Another trip to Klang Valley

  35. KLIA passenger trains

  36. KLIA engineering stock

  37. KL Monorail

  38. Putra line trains

  39. More Putra line trains

  40. Star line trains

  41. Airport Terminal shuttle.

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