East Coast Trip

17th January 2005

Night stop at Gemas

Above: on arrival at Gemas we were kindly offered the use of the VIP room for the remainder of the night.

Below: a walk to the crossing east of the station gave good views of Blue Tiger 26119 TG. TUALANG waiting to depart with a southbound container train.


Above: back in the station 25106 pulled in with the Ekonomi Siang, 0640 from Gemas to Singapore.

Below: a short while later YDM4 6614 coupled up to the coaches in platform 3, forming the 0745 mail to Gua Musang.

Below: precisely at sunrise I took this shot of 564.36 TEMERLOH, still stabled in the same siding some 8 years after hauling its last train, and now considered preserved.


Above and below: 26106 and 23115 with a southbound container train wait for us to clear the junction as our mail train takes the East Coast line past Gemas depot.

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