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The Malayan Railway

A pictorial history from 1962

History of Selangor Railways

564.20 BATANG PADANG crossing the Johore Causeway with a northbound passenger train on 20th November 1962.


562.06 KUALA TRENGGANU crosses the Johore causeway with another northbound train later the same day.


20116 BUNGA MEDAN leaves Johore Bahru and heads south across the causeway with a Singapore bound passenger train.


Johore Bahru station from the south on 20th November 1962.


The next three pictures were taken from a northbound passenger train between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, Easter 1964.


McArthur 2-8-2 901.24 stands at Tanjong Malim, Easter 1964.


20103 and 20112 stand at Ipoh with a southbound train, Easter 1964.


A McArthur 2-8-2 on the Siamese State Railway in the Bangkok suburbs in 1965. 96 of these locos were sent to Malaya after WWII but 68 went on to Siam, now Thailand. Of the remaining 28, 16 were later sold to Tanganyika.

These are the only colour pictures of my own from the 1960's which I have been able to find so far, but if you visit the "100 years on" page of my site you will find the open-air museum exhibits.
There were more pictures on the
official KTM site, some of which go back to the earliest days of the system. These have
recently been removed but most can be seen

I have recently created a new page for a history of the railways of Selangor. This will be along the same lines as my history of Singapore Railways covering the period from 1885 to the end of steam.

Construction commenced 1st October 2000.
Last updated 3rd December 2009.
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