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Singapore 1977

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The pictures on this page were taken from my back garden in Jalan Jelita, off Holland Road, Singapore.  Some of the pictures where I have been unable to identify the locomotive include an inset showing the Malay name, which may help in identification.


An unidentified 20 class approaches Singapore, January 1977.


22130 Mahsuri heads a Singapore - Kuala Lumpur train towards Bukit Timah, January 1977.


20117 Bunga Kekwa heads a morning Singapore - Kuala Lumpur express, January 1977.


22132 Seri Medan and an unidentified 20/1 with a Singapore - Bukit Timah freight,

 January 1977.


22137 Pantai Irama heads the afternoon Rapid Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur,

 January 1977.


22138 Bagan Serai heads a morning Singapore - Kuala Lumpur express, January 1977.


Above and below: 22110 Rantau Abang and 20117 Bunga Kekwa with a

Singapore - Bukit Timah freight,  January 1977.


22132 Seri Medan heads a northbound passenger train out of Singapore, January 1977.


22137 Pantai Irama approaches Singapore with the Rapid Train from Kuala Lumpur,

 January 1977.


20115 Bunga Mata Hari leaves Singapore with a northbound cement train, January 1977.


An unidentified 22/1 approaches Singapore with a freight, January 1977.


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