The J.A.Stanistreet collection.

The following pictures are reproduced here by kind permission of Allan Stanistreet, who took them in and around Seremban during the late 1960's. They remain his copyright and should not be reproduced without his permission.

If sufficient interest is shown he may permit more of his collection to be displayed here in the future. It includes classes 40, 53, 54 and 90 on both the west coast and the east coast lines.

I can be contacted by e-mail here.

561.11 "Kuala Langat" in Seremban yard, 1967, with a southbound freight.


Evening shot of an unidentified 56 Class (perhaps 563.04) northbound passing the site of Tiroi station.


564.06 "Baling" in the Up loop at Seremban, 1968, with the northbound Day Mail.


The same train.

A very rare shot of steam on a mail train in the late 1960s.


564.15 "Katong" runs alongside the main Singapore - Kuala Lumpur Road with a northbound freight.

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