East Coast Trip

17th January 2005

Kuala Lipis

Above: 6614 with our train shortly after arrival at Kuala Lipis.

Below: After the stop the train was moved to the loop to allow another southbound service to cross, there being only one platform line at most stations.


Above: Our banner below the station name-board. The names below the station name denote the next passing loop in each direction.

Below: 6702 pulls into the platform line with the southbound mail from Tumpat to Gemas. Note the old shed on the right, now only housing departmental stock.


Above: 6702 waits to depart from Kuala Lipis with mail train 91 for Gemas.

Below: 5 hours later 25108 P. PANGKOR arrives at Kuala Lipis in fading light with mail train 58 which would take us on to Gua Musang for our night stop.


Below: On arrival at Gua Musang we found 24116 TUN KUDU stabled in the yard.

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