East Coast Trip

19th January 2005


Above: Just a few wheels? The driving axle has a number of stamped markings on one end including 4573 and 1908. Kitson 4573 of 1908 was an H class pacific, FMSR 92, with 4' 6" driving wheels. Are these its last remains?

Below: YDM4 6702 stands in the carriage sidings at Tumpat with the stock of a special express to Kuala Lumpur. It was destined to cause a lot of problems later that night.

Above and below: Two more shots of 6702 standing in the afternoon sunshine at Tumpat.

Above: This tower stands by the entrance to Tumpat depot - one story is that it was built as a watch tower during the early part of WWII. At its base is another set of preserved wheels of unknown origin.

Below: In one of the old steam sheds we found this Cowans Sheldon steam crane.

Above: 6635 stands quietly in the yard at Tumpat.

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