East Coast Trip

19th January 2005

Tumpat to Wakaf Bahru

Above: 24104 Mat Salleh at Tumpat with the stock for the Express Timuran to Singapore. It will transfer to the platform line after our Express Wau to Kuala Lumpur has left.

Below: The Express Wau waits at Tumpat's only platform with 24126 Sang Sura at its head. As can now be seen the locomotive and first two coaches are beyond the level crossing which is at the end of the platform! The picture below this shows the end of the line from the back of the train.

Above and below: At Wakaf Bahru we crossed 6543 with mail train 94 only about an hour late this time and back to its full complement of three coaches.

Above and below: On this occasion I was able to get a good shot of Plymouth 0-4-0 1942 as we passed it in the siding at Wakaf Bahru. Perhaps next time someone visits Wakaf Bahru they will have time to study it closely to see if it can be positively identified, the number 1942 being painted on the cab just above the box. The original picture is larger and slightly better quality than the one below but I cannot see any more details on it.

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