East Coast Trip

19th/20th January 2005

Night in the jungle

With darkness falling there was nothing much else to do, or so we thought! I spent a while trying to photograph the swaying 24126 from the front coach before succeeding, above. Then the train gave a series of long horns before we came to a sudden halt in the middle of nowhere - we had come upon a red signal. We waited here for 20 minutes before it changed to green - I took the picture just as we jerked into motion. 


A short while later we pulled into the next station where there was a train without a locomotive and a large crowd of passengers milling around. After another long delay we continued to Dabong where we stopped in the loop adjacent to another train which had 6546 on one end and 6702 on the other. It appeared that 6546 had been detached from its own train and sent to rescue 6702 which had failed further south.


The pictures above and below were taken during the long wait at Dabong before we finally set off again.

We finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 8.30 the next morning and pulled in alongside 24102 Mat Kilau which was waiting to leave with the Express Sinaran Pagi for Singapore, above. We made our way up to the concourse where we had a last photo-call with our banner, below, before departing our separate ways.


Other pictures taken in 2005

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I stayed on in Kuala Lumpur for a few more days before going on to Cameron Highlands and returned for another couple of days a couple of weeks later. During this time I travelled throughout the KTM Komuter system and also on the rarely used Batu Caves branch. Pictures from this period will be posted later.


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