East Coast Trip

18th January 2005

Pasir Mas

Pasir Mas Junction seen, above, from the approaching train and, below, from the platform. This is where the line from Thailand via Sungei Golok comes in to join the East Coast Line, heading towards Tumpat. Through trains between the southern end of the ECL and Thailand would have to reverse here, at Wakaf Bahru or Tumpat. Currently there are no passenger services on this branch but there is a small amount of freight traffic between Thailand and Wakaf Bahru (for Kota Bahru).

After arrival at Pasir Mas our train had to reverse out of the platform line and run into the loop, above, to allow 25108, below, to pull into the platform with a southbound express.

Above: 25108 draws its train into the platform, alongside 6657 which is waiting to leave for the north.

Below: We left our train at Wakaf Bahru as a late arrival at Tumpat would mean no transport to Kota Bahru. There was just time to photograph this derelict shunter, its only identification being the painted number 1942. This picture was taken in near darkness - the wonders of digital photography and computer enhancement!

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