Malaysia's commuter belt

21st January 2005

Sentul part 1

Above: 83 Class EMU 19 stands in platform 3 while the other side of the fence 22125 'Telok Chempedak' is at the head of a line of locos awaiting works or scrapping.

Below: The same pair, this time flanked by 24125 'Megat Terawih' in the works and EMU 25 in platform 2.

Above: Another view of  24125 and 22125, behind which 22135 'Geliga' can just be seen.

Below: Moving further back we can just see 26104 to the right of 24125 in the works.

Above: Outside in the works yard stood 18110, possibly the works shunter but not seen in use.

Below: Also outside was 24110 'Hang Lekir'.

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