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This site has been designed to display part of my extensive photographic collection of Railway subjects. Each site consists of one or more pages of thumbnail images which can be clicked on to display a larger picture of around 640 x 480 pixels on average. You will need to use the "back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Click on the active locos in the centre below to view the associated site. Inactive locos denote sites which are also inactive - these will be activated over the next few months. Some of the other sites are being continually updated. Steam 2005 shows steam on the main lines in and around Berkshire in 2005. The Malayan and Indonesian sites already run to several pages and include diesel as well as steam. The Malayan site is currently being updated following a visit this year.

All my Asian Railway sites can be reached at this site. These now include Thailand, Borneo and Sarawak.

All my other railway pages can be reached at my Railsing site.

__ Malayan Railway _

including Singapore Railways history

_Indonesian Railways

History pages are now being added for Indonesia. Links for the individual original railway companies are on the front page.

Some of the following pages are still hosted on third party sites which can no longer be edited so some of the links within them no longer work properly

____ Steam 2000 ____

___ African trains ___

____ Steam 2001 ____

_Isle of Man Railways_

    Harz Centenary    

_Snowdon Mountain_


____Steam 2002___

____Saxony 2002____

_____Steam 2003____

___Thailand 2003___

____Steam 2004___

       Steam 2005      

       Steam 2006      

       Steam 2007   Not yet activated

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       Steam 2009      


The Malayan Railway has been moved to a new host and restored. It has several hundred pictures. Many were taken in the 1970's but my own steam content is minimal as my arrival there coincided with the banning of steam traction in Singapore. To compensate for this Allan Stanistreet has kindly allowed some of his own pictures to be displayed here. There are a handful of photographs taken in the 1960's and some more taken during short visits in 1985, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2013 & 2016. Over the next few months I will be moving some of the pictures to the South-east Asian Railways site in order to free up more space for an updated history section on all the locomotives which operated in the Malay Peninsula. This site now contains a history of the railways of Singapore which I am continually updating as more information becomes available. I now have information on most of the locos from 1885, including the little-known steam trams and many of the military and industrial locomotives.

The Steam 2000, Steam 2001 (now includes pictures from Yorkshire and the Severn estuary) and Steam 2002 sites have now been archived in order to free up more space. They may be reactivated sometime in the future, after I have rebuilt the Singaporean, Malayan and Indonesian sites.

The Steam 2003, Steam 2004 and Steam 2005 pages show pictures of main line steam trains in and around Berkshire in the respective years. They have been modified slightly to display several full size pictures on each page instead of using thumbnails. This also reduces the number of nuisance pop-ups. I have to allow the ads as it is a free site. See links below for a pop-up killer.

Sometime in the future I hope to be able to provide hi-res copies of pictures on CD, in return for a donation to cover costs. Should anyone be interested they may contact me by e-mail.

African Trains has 10 pictures (black and white) taken in Southern Rhodesia in the 1940's and Egypt in the 1950's. I have about 100 colour slides of South African steam in the 1970's waiting to be scanned and added. All these I inherited from my father.

The Indonesian Railway pages have also been moved to the South-east Asian Railways site. It covers my 1976, 1977, 1985 and 1987 visits. A few extra pictures, copied from cine film, were added recently.

The Harzquerbahn site is now available and consists of 3 pages of pictures taken during July 1999.

  The Saxony 2002 site is now complete and contains pictures taken on several active and preserved narrow gauge steam lines in the area during July on a "Today's Railways" tour.

  My Portugal site is mostly diesels in the Algarve but also contains pictures of the preserved narrow gauge steam locomotive Pedorido.

  The Snowdon Mountain railway site is under construction with about 20 pictures from 1988 available so far.

The Isle of Man pages contain pictures taken during the centenary celebrations..

I have other pages which are dedicated to other subjects. These can be accessed from my Stepping Stones front page. The Stepping Stones site currently contains a selection of Birds of Singapore, Birds of Goa, Birds of Thailand, Birds of Malaysia, Birds of Sri Lanka, about 60 pictures of birds in Europe and the Far East and some Aircraft pictures. 

Some of my gliding pictures can be found on the Vintage Gliding Club site.

Links to other Railway related sites:

Rob Dickinson has an International steam site covering all countries which have regular steam activity. 

Indra Krishnamurti has a site relating to Indonesian Railways.

Joachim Lutz has a site with a section on Indonesian Railways.

Perumka is another Indonesian site.

KTM railway fan site This has been created by a Malaysian fan and has been running for about 2 years. It is a chat and information forum with a fast growing gallery section, over 6000 pictures already plus links to many more, and a wealth of information from the earliest days to the current scene.

Note: Tim Light's site has been reinstated here.

"darkcurves" has another site dedicated to Malayan railways.

Links to pictures of Asian Railways

KTMB is the official Malayan Railway site.

GBrail The unofficial enthusiast web site.

An index of Asian Rail systems links to mainly official sites.

More than 6,500 railway related links.

A french site of links in French, German and English.

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Official site.

The Mid-Hants Railway official site.

another site of links.

Click here for more pictures from steamtraingalleries.

Paintings from Paul Joyce.

Free Surfer pop-up killer.

3,000 + links to UK railway sites.

Real-time timetables. Up-to-date information from some stations/operating companies, includes expected arrival times/platforms.

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