Steam 2004

When the trains are not running.

Steam 2005 will appear here in due course.

First I have to visit Malaysia.

On Boxing day normal service trains were operating with 73096 on one diagram and the Bubble car on the other. 

All was silent in the yard.

On Christmas Eve Santa Specials were running on the Mid-Hants railway with 34016 Bodmin and 73096. They can be seen at Ropley and Medstead and Four Marks.
On Saturday 11th December 71000 Duke of Gloucester had its first outing with The Cathedrals Express and is seen passing Acton while less than 2 hours later 6024 King Edward I passed Reading with the up Merchant Venturer. 
Its Saturday 27th November and 73096 is again in charge of The Cathedrals Express from Victoria to Bristol as it eases through Earley on a winter morning.

On Saturday 13th November Steve Foley travelled to Plymouth and back with The Devonian and returned with these pictures of 6024 King Edward I and his 'helpers'. They are divided into 3 pages as there are quite a few.
On Saturday 9th October 73096 took The Gloucester Javelin from Alton to the Welsh borders and is seen passing Earley, coming out of the early morning sun.
Richard Burbidge was on holiday in Devon in late summer and has kindly supplied these pictures of 60009 Union of South Africa and castles 5029 Nunney Castle and 5051 Drysllwyn Castle
On Tuesday 14th September 73096 was back in action with The Cathedrals Express from Victoria to Cranmore and is seen storming through Earley on a blustery morning.
A visit to the Mid-Hants Railway on Saturday 11th September included a guided tour of the shed and parts of the yard not normally open to the public.
On Thursday 9th September 34067 Tangmere returned from Bristol with the Northern Belle to Victoria and is seen passing Earley in the afternoon.
On Wednesday 8th September 34067 Tangmere was on VSOE duty again and is seen passing Earley with the Victoria to Bristol working.

Sunday 5th September found the Atlantic Coast Express headed by 34045 Ottery St Mary (actually 34027 Taw Valley in disguise) passing Winchfield some 25 minutes late on its way to Exeter.

Saturday 28th August saw the VSOE diverted via Basingstoke en-route to Bath and it is seen at Winchfield in the morning behind 34067 Tangmere.
34067 Tangmere had a turn on The Cathedrals Express on Thursday 5th August when it hauled it from Victoria to Yeovil and it is seen passing Frimley Green at midday.

Saturday 24th July was the turn of 34067 Tangmere to take the VSOE from Victoria to Worcester and it is seen at Waltham on the outward journey and Earley on the return.

Friday 9th July saw the Sunny South Express running to Weymouth and it is seen near Winchfield behind 73096 on the outward journey.
On Thursday 8th July 6233 Duchess of Sutherland travelled down to Old Oak Common in readiness for the next days trip from Euston to Crewe. It is seen approaching Sonning cutting in the evening.

Wednesday 7th July saw the VSOE running from Victoria to Bath behind 34067 Tangmere and it is seen passing Earley while doing its best to catch up time lost due to congestion at Feltham.

On Thursday 1st July 3440 City of Truro and 4965 Rood Ashton Hall double-headed The Shakespeare Express from Solihull to Didcot and are seen at Didcot North Junction in the evening sun and afterwards 'on shed' at Didcot.

Saturday 26th June saw The Somerset Express run from Alton to Minehead. It is seen passing Earley on the outward run on a dull, damp morning behind 73096.

On Saturday 12th June 34067 Tangmere hauled the VSOE from Victoria to Worcester and is seen  passing Earley in the morning.

On Wednesday 9th June 34067 Tangmere hauled the VSOE from Victoria to Bristol and return. It is seen on the outward journey passing Earley.

On Wednesday 2nd June we visited Railfest 2004 at York. The links will take you to several pages of pictures which I hope to add to over the coming weeks.

Wednesday 26th May was the first of the Sunny South Specials. 73096 speeds the train west of Winchfield en-route from Kensington to Weymouth on an appropriately sunny morning.

Wednesday 12th May saw 73096 accelerating through Reading West with a renamed Cathedrals Express service from London Victoria to Bristol.

On Saturday 17th April 34067 Tangmere headed the VSOE excursion to Worcester and unusually travelled both ways via the Southern line from Victoria to Reading. It is seen approaching Reading in the morning and passing Earley in the evening.

On Saturday 20th March 5029 Nunney Castle hauled The Bristolian from Victoria to Bristol and is seen leaving Sonning Cutting on the approach to Reading on a dull, windy morning.


Back to the Mid-Hants Railway for their West-country branch line gala on a wet and windy 14th March. There were four visiting locomotives, 813, 5541, 30587 and 32678, helping 41312 to run the branch trains and a pick-up goods while 34016 and 73096 ran the fast trains, including non-stop runs from Alton to Alresford.

For all those who have been waiting for last years pictures from Doncaster they are now available.

The following day the Mid Hants Railway fitted the trailing truck to Bittern, while 73096 and the Bubble car operated the daily services between them.

On 28th February 73096 was heading The Cathedrals Express from Waterloo to Yeovil when it stopped at Overton for water. A fault with the motion meant it was delayed by about half an hour while a temporary repair was carried out, enabling it to run at reduced speed to Salisbury. After a spare part was rushed to the loco it performed in its usual manner on the return from Weymouth.

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