Steam 2001
Steam locomotives in action on the main lines of southern England and Yorkshire in 2001.
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Archived 21st April 2002
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On the 14th January Clan Line was originally scheduled to haul a VSOE special to Southampton Docks from Victoria and return but this was later changed to 4472 Flying Scotsman. It was scheduled to run via Woking and Basingstoke so I went to Worting junction to photograph it. The top three pictures on the left show the train approaching Worting junction on the outward journey at midday on a bitterly cold but sunny day. The lower pictures were taken from a video by Richard Burbidge at Basingstoke a few minutes earlier.

On the 29th January 35005 Canadian Pacific ran light engine from Tyseley to Alton in the evening. It is seen on the right passing Earley at 9.47 pm.

The two lower pictures were taken from a Richard Burbidge video.

On 4th February 35028 Clan Line was seen passing Basingstoke with the VSOE by Richard.

4936 Kinlet Hall and 4965 Rood Ashton Hall were due at Twyford at 1734 on 3rd March with "The Flying Carpet" but the train was delayed due to platform occupancy at Paddington and did not pass until1815 when it was almost dark. Richard Burbidge's video film came out somewhat better and below are some stills from this.

A week later 4936 Kinlet Hall and 4965 Rood Ashton Hall were together again. This time they took over The Bristolian at Foxhall Junction near Didcot and took it to Bristol. They also headed the return train as far as Acton. The pictures on the right show the changeover at Foxhall junction in the morning.The lower three pictures on the right are from Richard Burbidge's video and show the return working passing Twyford.

On Wednesday 14th March the VSOE was steam-hauled by Clan Line masquerading as 35017 Belgian Marine. It passed Earley shortly before 7.30pm where these pictures were taken.

On 17th March 4936 Kinlet Hall ran from Didcot to the west country. Richard filmed the train at Reading West and Newbury (left).

From 19th - 23rd March EWS were carrying out crew training runs between Eastleigh and Yeovil. The pictures on the right show the train in and around Salisbury on a cold, wet and windy 20th March with 35005 Canadian Pacific in charge.
The top three pictures show the train arriving at Salisbury from Yeovil just before 3 pm. Centre left is at milepost 18½ between Salisbury and Southampton. In the centre it has arrived back at Salisbury at 4.55 pm. The empty stock was then taken to the yard for watering before returning to the station, centre right. The bottom three pictures show the departure to Yeovil at 5.20 pm.

The following day Canadian Pacific had been failed during preparation and the train set off behind a diesel. 34016 Bodmin was sent from Ropley and took over at Salisbury in the afternoon. Richard filmed it at, and departing from, Salisbury (far left & middle) and departing from Eastleigh (right).

On Wednesday 4th April two steam specials were running from Victoria. I went to Virginia Water where I saw 34016 Bodmin bringing up the rear of the empty stock train from Ropley to Victoria (top, left).
A few minutes later 4472 Flying Scotsman came through the other way with the VSOE pullman from Victoria to Westbury, and took the Chertsey line to run via Woking, Basingstoke and Salisbury, as depicted in the next four pictures on the right.
4472 Flying Scotsman returned from Westbury via Reading and is seen (upper and lower, bottom right) passing Newtown against the setting sun as it starts the climb up to Earley.

On 21st April 4472 Flying Scotsman took the VSOE pullman from Victoria to Salisbury via Acton and Reading. It is seen (first 2 pictures) approaching Reading at about 1145 am.
Not in action, nor even on the main line, but it is in a main line depot. 34016 Bodmin was still in Eastleigh depot on 22nd April after a driving wheel was found cracked during a Cathedrals Express tour.

On Saturday 5th May 5029 Nunney Castle took an Ashford - Bristol charter from Willesden to Bristol and return. On the outward journey it approached Reading about half an hour earlier than expected and I didn't have the camera switched on, hence this shot through the trees (top left).
On the return I tried to catch it at Goring and Streatley but this time it was running late and it was getting dark when it finally passed at 20.45.
On the same day a VSOE special with 4472 Flying Scotsman went to Salisbury. It is seen on the return approaching Sonning cutting (bottom 2 pictures).

On Sunday 6th May 45407, running as 45157 The Glasgow Highlander, and 76079 were operating between Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness. The pictures show 45157 passing Shadwell with the 1145 from Shoeburyness, 76079 passing Shadwell half an hour later and then leaving Fenchurch Street with the 1355 to Shoeburyness, and finally 45157 again reversing out of Fenchurch Street.

On Saturday 19th May The Capital castle should have been double-headed but the King failed at Swindon, leaving 5029 Nunney Castle to continue unaided. It is seen approaching Sonning Cutting.

Yorkshire interlude

From 29th May to 1st June EWS were operating crew training specials between York and Scarborough. 60800 Green Arrow is seen, approaching Seamer on the afternoon of  31st May, on route to Scarborough (top 3 pictures), then leaving York on 1st June with the morning trip to Scarborough. 4472 Flying Scotsman was also in York that morning, having just arrived from Southall.
45407, masquerading as 45157 The Glasgow Highlander, was also in York that day acting as standby for Green Arrow.
60800 Green Arrow returned to York around lunch time and is seen, left, entering the station.
On 2nd June the VSOE Northern Belle ran from York to Scarborough and return behind 4472 Flying Scotsman.
It is seen (left) passing Malton on the return journey.

On Wednesday 6th June The Cathedrals Express started running again.
The pictures below show 34016 Bodmin in charge of the train at Chertsey where it stopped for water on the outward run to Salisbury.

On Thursday 28th June 34016 Bodmin hauled The Cathedrals Express to Bath and Bristol. It is seen passing Earley over 1 hour late following a signal failure at Wokingham on the outward journey.

Richard and I travelled from Reading to Plymouth and back to Westbury with 4472 Flying Scotsman on 30th June. Click the logo (right) to see the pictures

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