North Borneo Railway

8th March 2016 Tanjung Aru Station and National Museum

The original purpose of this trip was to catch a train to Beaufort, stay there overnight, then take the early morning train to Tenom and return on the midday train back to Tanjong Aru. On arrival at the station I found that most trains had been cancelled and the only train to Beaufort that day had been at 7 am! Further enquiries revealed that the only train to return from Beaufort to Tanjung Aru would leave Beaufort before the train from Tenom arrived there! In other words it would need 3 complete days to do the round trip to Tenom, time which I did not have on this visit as we had an early morning flight to Sandakan on the 10th. I got permission to look over the old DMU now being used as a Kitchen car on the North Borneo Express. I was hoping to discover its identity but this was not to be as I was not allowed into the engine compartment/driving cab where the works plate might have been located as I could not find it anywhere else. I did manage to get some photographs through the rather dirty windows.

I then decided to walk back to the hotel via the museum to photograph the railway artefacts there. On the way out through the station car park I noticed that the shed was being demolished with the side walls already removed, revealing  the long hidden 6-014, an old 4-wheel coach and a Brake van so I photographed these. I then continued on to the museum.



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