North Borneo Railway

7th March 2016 Tanjung Aru Steam Depot

When we passed the station the day before on the way from the airport to the hotel we saw two steam locomotives in the old PW depot. The next morning we were visiting Tanjung Aru to do some wildlife photography in the park so I decided to go and get some photographs of the two steam locomotives on the way. On arrival I met the foreman who explained to me the current situation of all 3 steam locomotives.

Vulcan 2-6-2 6-016 was undergoing minor repairs prior to working the service to Papar on the 9th March.

Vulcan 2-6-2 6-015 City of Kota Kinabalu was coming to the end of its overhaul and awaiting the arrival of a new set of superheater tubes.

Vulcan 2-6-2 6-014 was stored at the far end of the station at the far side of one of the old sheds which was due to be demolished. He had asked for an additional siding to be built to house the locomotive at the old PW depot where they might be able to cosmetically restore it. It had already been stripped of all usable parts to help keep the other two locomotives running. He expressed concern that the contractors might resort to scrapping it if it got in their way.

Following are the pictures I took on this day.

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