North Borneo Railway

A visit to the railway section of this museum on 27th January 2013.

This first locomotive we saw was built in 1912 as a 4-6-4T with the name GAYA, number 13, the first of 4 members of its class. At the time of the Japanese occupation it was the only one in use, the other 3 being in Tanjong Aru, 2 dismantled for overhaul. The Australian army recaptured it near Beaufort in poor condition and repaired it sufficiently to put it to some use but later it joined its classmates at Tanjong Aru. These had all been badly damaged by allied bombing. The parts from these 4 plus a couple of damaged Kerr Stuart 4-6-0s were used to create two replacement 4-6-0 locomotives based on GAYA and WESTON, using Kerr Stuart tenders, and a single 4-6-4T KINABALU, which was not as originally built. After rebuilding Gaya was renumbered to 6, and later still to 3-006. It will be noted that the cab has the makers plate from 16 WESTON and a rebuild plate underneath showing 1954. The tender frame is from F. C. STOOP.

Behind GAYA is an old first class coach.

No 13 was built in 1926 and is a vertical-boilered chain-driven 0-4-0 which was a poor performer. It was soon rebuilt with an enlarged boiler which accounts for the extension at the front of the body and from then on it was a good performer. It was recaptured by the Australian army in 1945 and put back into use hauling ballast trains from a quarry near Membakut to Beaufort. It has been given the number plate originally carried by GAYA.

This locomotive was originally number 14 KINABALU and was sabotaged by the Japanese during their retreat in 1945. It was repaired and returned to service and in 1953 it was renamed Sir H RALPH HONE. It now has the makers plate from GAYA and was renumbered to 7 in 1958.


This final exhibit actually has nothing to do with the North Borneo Railway. Built in 1960, it was sold to a forestry railway in Borneo and was presented to the museum by a former owner when it closed.

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