North Borneo Railway

A visit to Tanjong Aru station and depot on 25th January 2013.

On arrival at the station Co-Co 15101 was reversing its stock into the station. Along with its sister 15102 it was built by CSR Ziyang in 2009. The plates have no numbers but this one has SDD120001 painted on the solebar. This may indicate it is the first  member of SDD12 class.

Below, left to right: Converted 310x railcar, now a kitchen/generator car for the "North Borneo Railway" set; CSR Co-Co 15101; Push-pull locoMU set 6601.

Above: Driving trailer 6601C with intermediate trailers 6601B & 6601C and single-ended locomotive 6601.

Below: Hitachi Bo-Bo 6103 in the yard next to 6104 has been gutted and appears derelict but as with much of the stock in Borneo it could be in the process of a long drawn-out overhaul/rebuild.


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