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Important notice

Following the purchase of Lycos by a German company the hosting service has been withdrawn, however, in a last minute deal the hosting will now be provided by Multimania. The first part of the url has now been changed to members.multimania.co.uk .

Finally Multimania went out of business!

Parts of this site had been transferred to another host server during the past few years, these included the UK, Malayan and Indonesian Railway pages. This was due to circumstances beyond my control, but which have finally been resolved. Most of the railway material is now being returned to this site as my web space has now been restored to its former size. Unfortunately the other sites have already been taken down and this included what became my front page. Most of the pages will be restored here or from here as and when time becomes available.

The South-east Asian Railway pages, that is Singapore, Malaya, Borneo, Sarawak, Indonesia and Thailand, have been transferred to http://searail.mymalaya.com/ and will remain there permanently, enabling me to expand the content of this site to include a huge amount of data from a recent 'round-the-world' trip. This site has now changed also, to http://searail.malayanrailways.com but both links will work This has now become the host for all my railway related pages and has links to the locations of pages still hosted on other sites such as Tripod.com although as I can no longer edit these pages many of the links are becoming outdated so may not work.

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