11th September 2004

Autumn at the Mid Hants Railway


Above: The first eastbound train of the day enters Medstead & Four Marks behind 73096 while below the same train departs for Alton a few moments later.


Above: The return working arrives at Medstead & Four Marks around half an hour later and below is about to leave Ropley some ten minutes later.


The shed visit.

Below: 45379 is in the early stages of overhaul, being number 3 in line after 92212 and Bittern.

Above: Piston valves being assembled in front of Bittern's cab and tender.

Below: 92212 is temporarily a 4-10-0 as it waits for improved weather to go outside and have its pony truck attached.


Above: Bittern from the front.

Below: A closer look at the front bogie under 9F 4-10-0 92212.

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