26th December 2004

Boxing Day at the Mid Hants Railway

Page 4 - Ropley and Medstead

73096 was the only steam locomotive in use, alternate trains being operated by the Bubble car.

Above: 34016 Bodmin is now cooling down in the yard, next to 92212.


Above: 35005 Canadian Pacific is still under repair.


Above and below: 73096 approaches Ropley with the 1310 from Alresford to Alton.


Above: A few minutes later the Bubble Car approaches Ropley with the 1300 from Alton to Alresford.


Above: 73096 waits at Ropley for the right-away.


Above and below: 73096 departing from Ropley.


Above: 92212, 34016 Bodmin and Douglas bask in the winter sun in Ropley yard.

Below: Medstead and Four Marks station looking east towards the summit.


Above: 73096 arriving at Medstead and Four Marks with the 1400 from Alton to Alresford.

Below: 73096 departs for Ropley.

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