Visit to Lagos, Portugal


12th February 2006

Seccao Museologica, Lagos

in the old depot, a semi-roundhouse.

CP 033 stands in the centre road. In front of it is a pedal-powered trolley and in front of that is a motor-powered trolley.

CP 013 in what appears to be olive green livery stands in the number 1 road with a coach behind it. I was unable to get a better picture as the camera would not fit under the door in any position!

A view of the motor-scooter type trolley in front of CP 033.

Another view of CP 033 and the pedal trolley.

A new passenger station is being built just to the south of the old station, which apparently is going to be converted to a railway museum at some time in the future. Details of the exhibits inside the depot are on the official CP web site, link to be added later. They do not include full details of the 2 locomotives but both were built by Beyer-Peacock, I believe.

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