Chiltern Centenary

2nd April 2006

Between Marylebone & High Wycombe

This was celebrated over the weekend of 1st/2nd April with 12 steam-hauled trains using 5690 Leander and 48151.

Above and below: 5690 Leander leads train 7 into Beaconsfield station.

48151 departing from Beaconsfield on train 7.


48151 leads train 8 between Beaconsfield and Seer Green.

5690 Leander on the back of train 8.
Above and below: 5690 Leander and 48151 crossing the M25 viaduct with train 9.
48151 pulls train 10 into a crowded Beaconsfield station.
Train 10 departing from Beaconsfield behind 48151.
5690 Leander lends a helping hand to train 10.

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