Christmas Double

71000 Duke of Gloucester with The Cathedrals Express


35028 Clan Line with the VSOE pullman

21st December 2006

A last minute change of route for the Cathedrals Express had these two trains following the same route from Victoria to Woking so I went to Woking to photograph both before going to Gomshall for another shot at the VSOE. The day dawned with dense freezing fog and some places stayed that way all day but I had a hunch that Gomshall would clear in the afternoon and it did lift into low cloud, although this resulted in the platforms being crowded when I got there.

First to appear out of the fog at Woking was 71000 Duke of Gloucester which was almost hidden by a mixture of steam and fog as it headed down the main line to Basingstoke and Winchester.

40 minutes later conditions had improved slightly and 35028 Clan Line was a little more visible as it took the Guildford line out of Woking.
Another hour later and the fog has lifted as 35028 Clan Line passes Gomshall shortly before dusk.

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