King Edward I with

The Torbay Express

or was it the Stevenage Locomotive Society

6th August 2006


Above: King Edward I powers up Goodrington Bank with an almost clear exhaust on a perfect summer's day, with the Bristol to Kingswear Torbay Express.

Below: The King runs light engine back to Paignton, having already turned at Churston. It now has the correct headboard and is running forwards despite the apparent red lamp at the front.

Above and below: the King stands over the pit during its layover at Paignton.

7827 on the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway the same weekend.

Above and below: 7827 Lydham Manor passes Saltern Cove with the 10:30 Paignton to Kingswear on Saturday 5th August.
Above: 7827 Lydham Manor arrives at Churston with the 12:15 from Paignton to Kingswear on 5 August.

Below: having arrived at Kingswear 7827 is now running round its train ready for the return to Paignton.

Above: 7827 approaches Kingswear with the 14:30 from Paignton on 5th August.

Below: 7827 Lydham Manor starts away from Goodrington Sands station with the 10:30 Paignton to Kingswear on 6th August.

Above: 7827 attacks Goodrington Bank with a clean exhaust a few seconds after the previous picture.

Below: A repeat of the picture at the top of this page only this time it is 7827 Lydham Manor with the 12:15 Paignton to Kingswear, a little under an hour beforehand.

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