Clan Line returns


6th November 2006

35028 Clan Line loaded test run

35028 Clan Line made its first advertised appearance following overhaul hauling the VSOE stock on a loaded test run from Stewarts Lane to Eastleigh and return. The outward run was via Willesden and Chertsey and at Virginia water we received confirmation that it was on time leaving Willesden. It was scheduled to follow a stopping train to Weybridge via Hounslow but a few minutes before this was due it was announced that it was delayed due to a signal failure at Staines. After several more announcements this finally appeared some 16 minutes late, by which time it had been announced that many following trains had been delayed. We thought Clan Line might be held somewhere to allow some of these to pass, but it appeared about 5 minutes later, just after a stopping service had parked itself in platform 3, effectively blocking the best shots, and ran through just under 20 minutes late. It must have then been given a clear road as it was only 2 minutes late at Winchfield - that must have been an exhilarating run!

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