Malaysia, January 2005

No longer active but all British-built.

Below: 564.36 TEMERLOH was built by North British in 1948. Last overhauled in 1995 for special duties, it was stabled in this siding at Gemas between turns. The special trains were withdrawn in 1997 and it has not been used since, now being considered as preserved along with a handful of other members of the class. A classmate here has recently been relocated.


Below: 531.01 was built by Kitson in 1920. Several of the class survived into the 1970s, this one being presented to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur in 1971.


Below: 321.01 was built by Bagnall in 1928 for dock shunting. In 1965 it was sold for industrial use, being returned in 1972 when it was stored outside Kuala Lumpur depot for a while before being moved to the National Museum in 1973.

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