The Cathedrals Express to Bristol


24th August 2005

hauled by 5029 Nunney Castle

around Theale in the evening.

I expected the train to pass Ufton Nervet shortly before 7pm and on arrival there was no sun so a shot from south of the line was on as it came under the bridge. As the train got later the light started to fade and I increased ASA to 400, then the sun popped out, just above the horizon. I was thinking of leaving when I heard a whistle, then when it appeared in the right place a Turbo trundled by and blocked the shot. By the time it was clear I was almost looking into the low sun!


I moved on to Theale station where the Castle was laying a black smoke screen along the tracks towards the M4.


Finally I headed for the business park by the M4 to get the train leaving by which time the sun had set and the light was fading fast. I was surprised when the shot above came out as well as it did.

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