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The first locomotives were Hunslet A and B class 4-4-0T, virtually identical to those supplied previously to the Perak and Selangor Railways, and later to the Malacca Government Railway. The 4 members of A class had 10" x 16" cylinders and weighed 20 tons 5 cwt while the 3 B class had 12" x 18" cylinders and weighed 24 tons 16 cwt. Both had 120 lbs boiler pressure and 3' 3" diameter driving wheels. A total of 18 class A and 7 class B were the supplied to the afore-mentioned Railways which, together with the Johore State Railway and Sungei Ujong Railway, were all eventually combined to form the Federated Malay States Railway. I have not heard of any other locomotive class operating in Singapore prior to the opening of the causeway in 1923, which connected it to the rest of the FMSR system, but since it was absorbed by the FMSR in 1912 and two of the A class were transferred to the construction department in 1915 and 1917 it is possible that a small handful of locomotives may have been transferred there. Most likely these would have been F class 4-4-0s or I class 0-6-4Ts as there would have been no requirement for the larger locomotives. The table at the foot of this page lists other details supplied to me but may have some errors. If you know of any additions or corrections please e-mail me.

Above: a class A, Malacca Government Railway 2.

Below: a class B, Singapore Government Railway 5.



Works number





HE 748

May 1901


became FMSR 14, 1912; Construction dept 19, 6/1915; withdrawn 9/1931


HE 749

June 1901


became FMSR 125, 1912; Construction dept 17, 8/1914; withdrawn 2/1928


HE 750

June 1901


became FMSR 126, 1912; withdrawn 5/1925


HE 828

October 1903


became FMSR 127, 1912; withdrawn 1925


HE 896

April 1906


became FMSR 128, 1912; Construction dept 25, 7/1926; withdrawn 1929


HE 936   May 1907


became FMSR 129, 1912; Construction dept 26, 8/1927; withdrawn 2/1932


 HL 2831   1911


became FMSR 130, 1912; sold to Malayan Collieries 5/1923 as No 1

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