Johore Causeway

A selection of early pictures depicting the causeway in its early days. These pictures are from old postcards.

The view across Johore yard to the causeway. The old ferry jetty was some distance off to the right of this picture.


Another view of the causeway from Johore, probably taken either during the later stages of construction or during some maintenance work. Again, the passenger jetty is off to the right of this picture


A view from the Singapore side before construction of the road. The tracks in the foreground lead to the good jetty and sidings. The station is just out of sight to the left of the picture beyond the far track.

Another view from Woodlands during construction showing two tracks in use for construction trains. A narrow footpath can be seen on the extreme left. After completion the western track had been replaced by a narrow road.


A picture from the cab roof of a loco during the Japanese occupation, at the point where the bridge was demolished. I am told that the Japanese text reads:  
Singapooru ni mokau dai-ichiban ressha
First train heading for Singapore



A ferry at the Johore Jetty.

In 2013 Patrick Smith carried out a lot of research on the causeway at the UK National Archives and has uncovered a wealth of information regarding the construction of the causeway. For now I will just post links to his information which includes maps and detailed drawings.

In addition there is more information here:


If anyone has any further information on these pictures please e-mail me.

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