Borneo Wharf station

and the Tanjong Pagar Dock improvement works 1908-1910

This station was on the extension from Tank Road to Pasir Panjang which opened in 1907. The implication from early Guide Books is that passenger services ran on this line and the station at Borneo Wharf certainly looks like it was built with passenger services in mind, but no details of these survices have surfaced so far. Early articles (guide books, newspaper cuttings) stated that the system had up to 9 daily services each way, not all of which travelled the full length of the line. They also stated that some trains were mixed, carrying both passengers and freight. It is likely that when the adjacent electric tram line opened throughout (it started in 1905) most passengers would have used that instead and the extension would have reverted to freight only, although a brief passenger service did run during the 1950s bus strike but I only know of one ticket being sold, to Fred Yorke, who sent me a copy! The station was located in the "V" formed by the junction of Nelson Road with Keppel Road.

Above: Borneo Wharf station on 31st March 1908 with a short freight in the works yard of the contractors for the Tanjong Pagar docks improvement.

Below: Raeburn house showing what appears to be a railway cutting in front. I believe it was located just to the north-east of Borneo Wharf station.

Above: Borneo Wharf station on 1st June 1908. Note the electric tram tracks already in place on the right. Part of the Tanjong Pagar works involved a diversion for this road so perhaps it would be a year or two before the trams started to take away passengers from this section.

Below: a later view of the station showing another shed building at the back.


Above: Tanjong Pagar dock works from Raeburn Hill in January 1909.

Below: Tanjong Pagar dock looking east

Above left: Works train at east Keppel, February 1908. Above right: Keppel Road diversion works looking east, February 1910.

Below: Tanjong Pagar Dock from the north slope in February 1910.


Above: Tanjong Pagar dock rail yard from the north slope in February 1910.

Below: Borneo Wharf from the top of Breeze Hill, 13 July 1910.


Above: Borneo Wharf station from Breeze Hill, 13th July 1910.


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