Singapore assortment

A selection of pictures around Singapore. These pictures are mostly from old postcards.

This picture was in my Singapore folder - I have been told it is Johnston's Pier, which was later replaced by Clifford Pier. Note the two lines of tramway track in the foreground.


I never knew there were any railway offices here. The postmark is 28 Jan 1911.


This is coming off the bridge by Bukit Timah station in 1977.


563.04 at Jurong.


A class 40 at Singapore's Tanjong Pagar station.


An early picture of the entrance to Tanjong Pagar station, Singapore.


A map showing the location of Cluny station to be adjacent to the 4 mile post on the Bukit Timah Road. I think north is to the bottom left of the picture.


Somewhere in Singapore during the Japanese occupation.


The caption says "Railway station Singapore" but no idea which one.


This is a contractors locomotive during the construction of Seletar airfield.


If anyone has any further information on these pictures please e-mail me.

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