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The following pictures are reproduced here by kind permission of Allan Stanistreet, who took them in and around Seremban during the late 1960's. They remain his copyright and should not be reproduced without his permission.

Driver Subramaniam and fireman of 20111 "Bunga Telang" at Seremban. 

562.06 "Kuala Trengganu" and 402.04 on the East Coast Line.

563.01 "Besut" heads an up Goods in the loop at Seremban.

Seremban Ticket Collector Peter Kanny.

The Down Rapid Train (Rengkas) headed by power car 281.03 "Tun Tahir" pauses at Seremban. This was a limited stop service in both directions.

564.14 "MATANG" in Seremban loop with a southbound goods. The main road to Port Dickson crosses the girder bridge in the distance.

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