Vilanova y la Geltru

home of the second part of the Spanish collection

(the first part is at Madrid, near Atocha)

This page shows the steam locomotives present during a visit on 13th June 2009. It was a Saturday and although research suggested that there would be a locomotive in steam everything was cold (except the weather, which was hot) and there were few people there.


Above, right and below: RENFE 020-0210     


Above and next 4 pictures below: most of the exhibits are aligned round the central turntable.


Above: 141F2348

Below: 141F2101


Above: 240F2705

Below, from left: 241F2108, 151-3101, 240F2591 & 240F2705


Above: 151-3101 & 240F2591 and below: 240F2591


Above: 240-2074 and below: 240-2135.


Above: 230-2085 and below 230-4001 with a spare tender and a Mallet behind it.


Above: the Mallet, 060-4013 and below: 230-4001.


Above: 240-2135 and below: Mallet 060-4013.


Above: view from the Mallets cab and below: the tenders of 241F2108, 240-2074, 240-2135 and 230-2085.


Above: 230-3085 and below: another view from the Mallets cab.


Above: 030-2471 and below: 030-2369.


Above and below: 2 views of No 6 CALDEZ which carried RENFE 030-0233.


Above: 020-0236 and behind it, below: 120-2131.


At the back of the roundhouse above: 220-2023 BOBADILLA and below: 030-2110 PERRUCA


Still at the back, above: another view of 030-2110 and below: 020-04 from Andalucia.


Above: 040-2019 and below: 220-2005, both in green livery.


Above and below: 2 more views of 040-2019.


Above: MZA 246 MAMAT, one time RENFE 030-2013.

Below: 040-2019 again.


Above: from left, 6 CALDEZ, 030-2369 and 030-2471.

Below: MZA 168 with 1 on the chimney was RENFE 120-2112.


Above and next 2 pictures below: 1 MATARO is actually a replica built for the 1948 Tren del Centenari.



Above: another view past the turntable, and below: 141F2348.


Above: 141F2348 and below: 151-3101.


Above: MZA 246 and below: MZA 168.


Above: MZA 168 and below: 1 MATARO.


Above: CLOT 1 again and below: 2 more views past the turntable.



Above: a glimpse of some of the early replacements for steam, a link to the rest will be here later.

Below: two final shots across the turntable.




This page created 31st December 2009.

Updated 1st January 2010.

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