Photographs have been taken at the following places on the dates shown. If there is no link then the photographs have not yet been loaded.

Valencia Nord: 25th May 2007;    15th October 2009;

Valencia Fuente St Luis: 8th August 2007;    15th October 2009;

Sagunto: 4th October 2006;    5th October 2006;    21st April 2007;    14th July 2007;    29th April 2008;    23rd November 2009;   

 2nd June 2010;    21st June 2010;    3rd August 2010;

Chinchilla Junction: 28th August 2007;

Silla: 2nd May 2008

Aranjuez: 28th April 2007;    29th April 2007;    21st June 2008;    17th May 2009;   

Linea Alta Velocidad Madrid-Valencia

Vicálvaro (Madrid): 16th May 2010;    1st August 2010;   


Ciempozuelos: 21st June 2009



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