United States of America 1982 to 1991.

During this period I made several visits to various parts of the USA as part of my work with Rockwell-Collins. Although these visits were made in winter I was able to use the week-ends to study the rail scene.

Visit to Los Angeles, California and Melbourn, Florida in early 1982.

Los Angeles main lines

California Museums and Parks


Visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in early 1984.

1st to 3rd March

4th to 6th March

8th March

CNW to Marshalltown

Burlington Route

Manchester and Waterloo

Weekend in Chicago

Visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in early 1985.

Chicago and St. Louis

Kirkwood Transportation Museum

Cedar Rapids week 1

Stored steam

Illinois Railway Museum

Mount Pleasant Museum

Cedar Rapids week 2

Visit to Dallas/Fort Worth in late 1990.

Dallas Age of Steam Park

Dallas & Fort Worth area

In addition I made a family visit to Florida in 1991.

Florida Theme Parks

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