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The following pictures are reproduced here by kind permission of Allan Stanistreet, who took them in and around Seremban during the late 1960's. They remain his copyright and should not be reproduced without his permission.

The Up Day Mail (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur) arrives at Seremban behind an unidentified 20 Class loco. Note the all-steel bogie brake van in the loop being shunted by a class 16.

For those who think they have already seen this picture - they have! - almost. 563.10 Changi pulls into the up loop at Seremban, but in this picture I have concentrated on the bridge instead of the loco. For those modellers who are interested Hornby did a model of this bridge type many years ago. Pity they didn't do a model of the O class, but I'm sure a scratch builder wouldn't find it too difficult.

Down Starter, Seremban. The board with a black line indicates a semi-automatic signal.

The Station Master's office at Tampin. 

From right to left: 

Ticket Box for Staff & Ticket working; 

Electric Key Token instruments;

Relay Auto Block panel to Seremban.

Note the handbell at extreme left, rung to announce train departures.

A rare double header at Seremban on a northbound freight. Probably done to avoid light engine mileage. 

564.01 Kangar is the pilot.

Driver's eye view from the cab of a 20 class looking north at Gemas. A class 15 shunts a log train off the east coast line which diverges right just beyond the 80-lever signal box. The carriage shed is in the middle distance with the loco shed to the right.

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